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Important details about our waterproof flooring

As a flooring distributor that covers all categories of waterproof flooring, Hawaii Flooring Solutions can help you with LVT (luxury vinyl tile), WPC (wood plastic composite), SPC (stone plastic composite), and other rigid core solutions in this line. Many homeowners are under the assumption that this floor covering is only feasible for bathrooms or laundry rooms, but we disagree. With so many benefits and options, this floor covering is easily adaptable to any room in the home.

Truly, the benefits of waterproof flooring can be added to any room. From kitchens to bathrooms, and living areas to bedrooms, the great look of this new flooring can be appreciated from wall-to-wall. Since spills and accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, it’s best to prepared for the worst, even if it never happens.
In luxury vinyl, it is very easy to achieve the look of natural resources such as solid hardwood, stone, or tile. The hardwood look is very popular because homeowners enjoy the look of real wood, yet appreciate the peace of mind and affordability it offers as well. The same can be said of looks that mimic slate, marble, travertine, porcelain tile and so much more. People will hardly be able to tell the difference between your waterproof flooring and the real thing.

In addition to luxury vinyl flooring, there are many other material choices as well. Tile is another great waterproof option that is dense, hard, and hypoallergenic as well. It’s such a useful floor covering that many commercial spaces, such as hospitals, clinics, and schools make great use of it as well.

If homeowners have families, pets, or enjoy hosting lots of get-togethers and parties, this is a floor covering that will really stand up to the test. It’s easy to maintain, keep clean, and can take a great deal of everyday wear and tear without showing the signs.
Waterproof Info in Honolulu, HI area from Hawaii Flooring Solutions
The peace of mind that comes with this floor covering is a wonderful benefit. From the moment this material is installed, you will no longer have to worry about such situations as leaky pipes, appliances that malfunction and overflow, pets that don’t quite make it outside, or children and all of their rambunctious shenanigans. Homeowners will be protected from all of that and more, for years to come.

To learn more about the amazing waterproof flooring we carry, visit Hawaii Flooring Solutions in Honolulu here where we proudly service Maui, Kuaui, Hilo, Oahu and Kona and ship several times weekly.